In and Out

In absence, you are spared
from the buzz and fuss of everyday grumblings
to the latest scandals, murders and obscenity
I wondered why
It had to be me
Who gets the worst news of the day
And if I am to be excited
to hear the latest scoop they deliver in a delighted tone

In the guise of busyness, you escape
Facing the uncertainties, the enumeration and subtraction
of principles and rules, even the division and multiplication
Swamped with responsibilities outside,
no longer have room to take in what’s important inside
while I succumb to supplication

In unavailability, you miss the chances
of knowing what happened first hand
and show up just when the wounds have already healed up
The mysteries are revealed, but the details concealed
Guess the odds and spaces in between

In avoidance, you do without
The guilt, the storms and the tides
Being washed up shore too many times
Unable to distinguish the land from the sand
Yet the waves come back to haunt me

In singularity, you get out of the loop
Of the entangled ties and lies
Maybe it’s cowardice or better yet freedom
I don’t want to add any malice
It must be a wise gesture

In annoyance you regretted to see
the smile, the encouragement and enthusiasm
or hear the cheerful sounds and whispers that you deemed deafening
There’s much to toil,
not another moment to spoil

In obscurity, you live for tomorrow
not noticing what the present holds
neglected to witness and experience the merriment
as well as the silence, the pauses, the gratitude
All’s left is the catching up but seems like you’re never really getting there

Always at the same space and yet in a different time frame.


2 thoughts on “In and Out

  1. Thanks! If I get the chance to, I’ll probably grab it this time 🙂

    I got inspired to write a poem after attending a craft lecture at school. I hope to practice more, since I’m used to writing prose.

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