A possible mismatch

One time, my nephew asked me how come the owners of the luxury vehicles or the good cars are ugly (he used the word ‘pangit’ in our language). And I don’t know how to answer him. He pointed to me a car, I think that was a yellow Porsche, and the driver is not as sophisticated as his car seems. He has this idea in mind, that they don’t really own the cars, or if they do, they must’ve gotten it the illegal way. And then people buy expensive things even when they couldn’t afford it. My nephews like cars very much. They have fun spotting vehicles on the road, knowing the right models and their face lights up when they see something they like. It’s also amazing that even before when they were younger, they could identify the vehicles through the wheels and or the back of the car.


Now that I see it, I noticed how the ones behind the wheel don’t match their cars. I used to not take note of the driver’s face but just focus on the cars instead. Amazed as the Audi, Lexus, Genesis, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, sports car (in the crowded city and I wonder why they are not afraid to get their cars scratched by elbows, cariton, pedicab, etc) pass by. I realized that, since smuggled cars is pretty prevalent in our country; these vehicles might have been bought on a special price, or received as a “gift”. But then again, who’s to judge what car one should be driving, it’s not you are what you drive, though it gives you the sort of armor like if you chose to drive a Hummer, an Armor car, a firetruck, a sportscar, an SUV, etc. I do get my nephew’s sentiment and his observation is more of the aura the drivers give when they carry a certain brand of car, which is kind of creepy in their case. Of course, the ‘do not judge a book by its cover’ still stands true to this as well. 人不可貌相嘛。


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