Bits and pieces


The Manila International Book Fair is coming soon, on September 14-18 at SMX Convention Center. I’ve already listed some books I would try to find there. It’s a chance to get discounts on titles that I couldn’t buy on usual days because they’re too expensive. I will limit my selections to the ones I can read since I already have a long list to finish. We would definitely visit booths of the participants such as NBS, OMF Literature, Anvil Publishing, C&E Publishing, Adarna House, UST Press, UP Press, Vibal, etc.

Monkey D. Luffy Chronicles II

Another One Piece puzzle (950 pieces) we finished for about three hours. My brother said that we could’ve finished it sooner if we were all focused and of course the position we’re in that time when we were piecing the puzzle (a quite low work area so our backs suffered and legs numbed). My sister and I were watching TV as we helped out, so that may have slowed down the job a bit. But we were able to finish it that night.


I’m currently finishing the audio-visual presentations for our grandfather’s birthday. At first, I was quite stressed out because I’m not sure how to do it this time. We just have two weeks to go and that’s really near! I don’t want to cram to the last minute like the last time, about five years ago, when I had trouble in the rendering of the video. Months before, I’ve done the introduction video, that would be played as the guests arrive or as they wait for the program to start (also to make good use of the projector we are going to rent). This time, I’ve learned to chop the videos for easier rendering of the files, so I have a total of 4-5 cuts, which I hope won’t be too long when played. I’m budgeting the time for the slideshow of the photoshoot of our grandparents and the video presentation we want to dedicate to them. Right now, I’m actually enjoying the editing, but my goal is to finish real soon (working on it everyday now).


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