A giant saltwater crocodile was captured in a town in Agusan del Sur. The villagers worked with a hunting team, and it took a lot of time and effort to capture the crocodile. There are reports of killings, and they suspected that this one is the culprit, but they did not find any human remains or the water buffalos that went missing. There are still a lot out in the waters, and they are getting ready to capture another one which is also quite big in size, though our Philippine crocodiles are already endangered. They would turn this into attraction since it’s dangerous to leave it out in the wild. They named it Lolong after the man who died of heart attack while taking shifts in watching the crocodile. An interview of his wife said that he was tired and had not enough of sleep these past days. If you want to see a big one, my dad said not to worry, we don’t have to look that far, around us are a lot of huge crocodiles in the streets or government offices.

One time, I saw the title of a column in Bloomberg that starts off with Suicide, Scam and Scandal trap a nation… Indeed, our nation can’t move forward because it’s paralyzed with the different schemes of supposedly authorities and politicians who pledged to serve the public. I asked dad if there’s a way that you don’t have to bribe someone in this country. And he thought about it, realized that yeah actually there’s no way out. I also wondered why they blame people who bribe authorities, because there when you think about it there is no escape. Even if you filed the proper income tax, they are still going to find loopholes to fine you. Many times, they would barge in your doors to ask for a lump sum of money or disguise the visit in terms of “inspection” but in the end you get cornered. And there are many departments out hunting these days. You want to respect their job, but that is if they’re really doing their job.

I think it’s more of giving the amount they ask (and bargain as much as you can in the process, because they could be wild animals when it comes to the money business), because after all the costs you’ve paid the government, they come wanting for more. So I guess it’s not actually bribing because they are the ones demanding for it. You pay the right taxes, but they still find ways to extract some more from you. No wonder people prefer to go underground or to report lower income taxes (of course, I’m not saying that this is right). But for the ones who abide by the law pays double amount than the tax evaders. Sometimes, doing business in the country extracts your energies to the limits, corruption is prevalent. Even if you want to be a good citizen and not participate in bribing people, you get sucked into the system, maybe because that’s what works or because they leave you no choice. You have to earn more so that you have something to pay the additional charges they want(他们当著你的面跟你开个贾。) One day, their milking cows might run out as they keep pressing on the people who have no ways to defend themselves, paralyzing the nations’ toil to progress, in the end, some just leave. The thinking that as long as you don’t harm them, you’d be safe is not really applicable. Imagine how big their jaws are and the tummies they have to fill, they could really get hungry and greedy. Akin to the wild outdoor, we must raise our defenses so that we’ll be prepared when the predators come.

If only the abilities of our public officials could be used for eco-tourism too, then they’re welcome to stay in exhibition halls. Sadly, they devour more than they should.



One thought on “Crocodile!

  1. LOL and true: “…around us are a lot of huge crocodiles in the streets or government offices.”

    I really hope better things are yet to come (for the Philippines)

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