One Piece

We helped our brother in piecing in his Monkey D. Luffy Chronicles 950 pieces puzzle (not sure if I got the name right), and we finished it less than a day. He already bought the frame for the puzzles he has before starting. Puzzling is a fun activity to do, especially when you’re working on it as a team and if the picture you’re trying to piece is inspiring or has clear characters as in cartoon or anime that you can distinguish. Well, this one has a lot of characters in it and if you’re familiar with the One Piece Anime then it would be easier to spot which part belongs to what character. I just reached the 150+ episodes and that’s a long way to go to reach the current episode. Even then, I’m not familiar with all the characters in the show. But the good thing is, even if you’re not up-to-date, you’d still match the pieces. These type of puzzles are the ones we could finish within the day. We’re still not done yet with our 8000-piece puzzle and haven’t resumed yet since we’re busy doing other things these days. We do hope to finish it when we get the chance.


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