Flipping Channels: TLC, Nat-Geo, Discovery, History, etc.

If I have the time, even just an hour or so, I would grab the remote and scan through different channels and find that I can learn new things. I’ve learned that there is a foosball tournament in Europe when I stopped by Eurosport. Interesting kitchen wonders in Jamie Oliver’s shows and Nigella’s Kitchen. Some programs were pretty intense like the Cake Boss but you’ll be amazed at the huge cakes and the sort of designs they make. I like watching Discovery’s How it’s made, where I think this is where I’ve seen how the Petronas in Malaysia were made, the level of difficulty and challenge of working together of both teams in charge of the towers. There are also interesting features in Taiwan about food, of starting a business, artists, and travelling. I particularly like the feature they made on a famous and local jam started by a Taiwanese. He picked out really fresh and of good quality fruits to make the jams. His inspiration was drawn from not having a local brand of jam, and he wanted create one, which he was successful of accomplishing. I also learned a lot in a show where they featured environmental homes and the benefits of it. There were also buildings in the cities that are built with this technology. They showed that on the deck of the buildings there are plants that absorb the water during the rain, thus reducing the waters that flow through the sewers. It could help diminish the floods in the crowded city. I like the travel shows in TLC, like Janet’s travel show, it’s amazing how people can travel and discover new sights and stories in the process.

It’s nice to do something out of the ordinary routine for a change.


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