Live healthy

Talks about health problems and illnesses are topics I want to avoid but can’t seem to. On the up side, there are many nutrition facts we can follow to lead a healthier lifestyle. Eating the proper foods, having the proper exercises required for each day and maintaining a happy outlook in life could help us become physically fit.

I recently watched a Korean program where they featured two stars and their opposite lifestyle. They showed the second individual who leads a very lazy life hooked into computer games. The first one they showed was living a healthy lifestyle, he wakes up at seven in the morning, do body stretches and proceeds to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. I remember that my aunt used to remind us that drinking water when you wake up in the morning is good for the body; of course, she doesn’t forget to stress that drinking up to 8 glasses per day is a must routine to cleanse the toxins and regulate our body. After that, he would prepare his breakfast with lots of vegetables. He would find time to do some exercise like using the stairs even when there is an elevator; even laughing which moves a lot of body muscles and burns calories. His meals are comprised of vegetables, he doesn’t drink coffee after meals and limits his alcohol intake to just one shot. As much as he can, he avoids being dragged by peer pressure, so he takes a lot of appetizers before drinking and tries to leave as early as he can. Towards the end of the show, they presented a list of healthy foods that one can take, which includes: beans, spinach, Kimchi, tomatoes, seaweeds. Then on other lists I’ve seen, they have berries (blueberries, cherries, etc), Broccoli, Salmon, Almonds, Sweet Potatoes,Whole wheat, brown rice, and the one I’ve mentioned on a previous entry, vegetable juice. My brother also shared to us that eggs and pistachios are healthy. It’s fun to share with our family healthy foods, adding them to our daily diet.

It’s better to keep all in moderation, whether in eating, in our activities and work. Remember to rest and not wait till our body tells us to.


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