Dog Story

I’m not a dog lover, in fact when I was little, I was really afraid of them (I did overcome the fear of being near them); but now I enjoy the dog tales that my cousins tell me. Also, I like watching the cute puppies or the dogs being walked on the street and the ones riding the cars with their paws slightly shown on the open car window (twice I’ve seen the dog enjoying the breeze of wind, one sitting on the back seat and looked frightened). Of course, when we visit, we would make sure that they are not out of their cages because they could get pretty excited at the sight of the strangers and even their masters. Right now, my cousins have a new pup and they were thinking about what name to give it. They asked us to choose a name from the choices they’ve come up. The naming process was quite fun. My cousin shared that their dad keeps calling their second dog Ruffles when it should be Truffles, but that is better according to her, their dad calls their first dog, Whatever, when it should be Mamble; but Mamble responds to Whatever, so he thinks it’s okay. This third addition has brown fur, and their dad calls her Chocolate. Upon the sight of the cookies we were eating the other night, my brother suggested Chocolote & Coffee to be the name, Co Co for short. In the end, the owner settled for a name called Leica – a really nice name. All their dogs are female Shih-Tzu.

Last week, we saw the new puppy where many anticipated its arrival. I no longer have the courage to carry a dog, even a pup. I can watch at the sides. I once carried a pup at my grandmother’s house. That was my first time to hold a puppy, while my niece who is years younger than me was much braver than I was. There are a lot of stories about dog bites, rabies, etc. But I guess I was already afraid then before hearing those stories. When we visit this temple when we were younger, there was a dog that stays in the middle of the entrance, sometimes it barks at strangers and we would be told that it won’t harm us. The good thing is I don’t panic now when I see a dog on the street lying flat on the ground mistaking them for a rug (you’d actually leap for almost stepping on it). Or when going to a mall where pets are allowed, and people carry them around in their arms, walking them, or placing them in a stroller which we thought there was a baby inside. It’s amazing how in the supermarket you’ll find different dog products from dog food, candies, cookies to grooming products like shampoo, comb, etc. There are also pet shops or vets in the mall where one could take their dogs for check-ups or grooming. We once saw a dog being shaved off his fur. It was quite freezing then. There are also spa treatments for them.

I also had fun reading Malcolm Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw, though it’s not all about dogs. I shared some insights to my other cousin and her kids and they recognized the points I said. They have watched Dog Whisperer on National Geographic featuring Cesar Millan, a dog behaviour expert. Dogs are pretty keen at sensing the pulse at the ankle part. They could sense tension and thus become a bit alarmed, so I’ve learned that it’s advisable to stay calm when around dogs, especially stray dogs (Askal – Asong kalye and Pusakal – Pusang kalye). The advice that adults tell us, ‘when you see a dog, don’t run’ makes sense now. There are some dog owners that value the dog more than their children, even blaming the child for something he didn’t do. Sometimes, problems also arise from new additions of a dog in a family.

I was pretty surprised to my cousin’s dog named Tyler to grow so big already. And they said that he’s going to grow more because he’s still a baby, just seven months old. But he’s a quite nice dog and they really love him.

My professor also has dog tales. Her daughter has a male Shih-Tzu. Their house became livelier with the new addition, but then she realized the many expenses it also incurred, it’s still fun all the same.

From here on, I would here more stories about their dogs.


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