I like eating celery stalks and leaves (when topped on pasta and other dishes). But it is very rare that I have this opportunity. I like the taste of it especially when combined with bell pepper, onion, and chicken or beef.

But as in every food, we should be careful at what we can and cannot eat. I learned in Wikipedia, that “Celery is among a small group of foods (headed by peanuts) that appear to provoke the most severe allergic reactions; for people with celery allergy, exposure can cause potentially fatal anaphylactic shock.”

Celery has a lot of health benefits, it is good source of Vitamin A which is helpful for the eyes. It contains a lot of vitamins. I also read that many vegetables lose its nutrients when overcooked, but the celery maintains its nutritious contents even when cooked too long. I like it’s crunchy feel when you eat it. I also like it when combined in the chicken macaroni salad which adds texture and color to the dish.

Veggie Juice

My professor also shared to me about drinking carrot and celery juice. Both are good for the eyes. According to her, it’s good for detoxifying toxins in the body and is refreshing drink. She has a friend who drank carrot juice often because she liked it and her vision was back to 20-20. I could really use some carrot juice, especially when I’m in front of the computer almost everyday. Of course, excess is not good, but drinking it occasionally would help. I haven’t tried celery juice, but there was one time that my aunt prepared a veggie juice which I think included celery. It wasn’t that bad as the face of my uncle showed when he drank it. I remembered the scenes from the anime Prince of Tennis where Inui’s special vegetable juice drink where the players are fearful to drink. You don’t know what else he put in it. I don’t know what other vegetables were included by my aunt but a glass of it is fine. My prof said that we can just try a shot per day and see the effect and that it would sure boost our energy. I love tomato juice, though we buy the ones in the grocery.

Eat healthy!

Note: I do not own the photo. I couldn’t take a picture because we don’t have celery at home right now. I’ll replace it when I get the chance to.


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