Puzzle Challenge…Game on!

Last Saturday, when we got home, we saw our brother working on his puzzle. He used the board from the frame we gave him and started piecing his “One Piece” puzzle. My sister and I got motivated to start a new puzzle, the one her friend gave her, a winnie-the-pooh puzzle (1ooo pieces). As if inspired to piece one, we took the challenge on finishing it in one day. It was fun working on the puzzle. I guess technically, we were able to finish it in one day; started sorting the colors late in the afternoon then continued the puzzle in the morning and the evening. We went out in the middle of the day so we finished up the sky during the night. Thanks to her friend, we really like the illustration and the quality of the puzzle.

My cousin asked if she could ask us to piece the puzzles for free and we agreed. It’s okay with us as long us it isn’t 8,000 pieces or more. We’re actually not yet done with the previous 8K puzzle. But we have opened another pack and currently on our fifth illustration board.

I didn’t remove it from the plastic before taking the picture because it’s not glued together yet. Next, we’ll have to look for a frame for it.


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