Holly’s Coffee

After enjoying a nice cup of coffee at Holly’s Coffee, I told myself I won’t be drinking any coffee the next day. But I grabbed a 3-in-1 Mr. Brown Coffee which my dad bought to give it a try. I was too sleepy so I told myself I just have to drink a cup. I might have to enforce a ban again for myself and just stick with teas instead for the meantime. Just one cup of coffee a week would suffice and if I’m successful at drinking tea instead as my primary drink aside from water then it would be an accomplishment.

Holly’s Coffee is quite good, though I’ve just tried their Café Latte and a bit of their Sweet Potato Latte that I bought for my sister. We realized that the Sweet Potato Latte is not that bad but it leaves your stomach quite full with the bits of sweet potato making the mixture heavy. In a way, it is a good combination with coffee so that your stomach will be filled with something without having to eat a cracker. We did enjoy the cakes which were big slices and at approximately the same price as what the other café offers.

The Chocolate Mousse is at P110 if I remembered right and the Tiramisu is at P100 a piece. I bought Chocolate Mousse for my mom which she said we’d share half of it. Last time, I brought my sister a Red Velvet Cake which she liked. The cakes were not too sweet (which favors our tastebuds) and quite delicious. I’m not a fan of cakes but they offer nice pastries. Their coffees are quite expensive. I bought the Café Latte Regular size at P120, 13 oz (134 ml). Their Americano is at P110 and the Sweet Potato Latte at P150. They also offer teas, tea lattes, and smoothies. Other specialized drinks or hollyccino (their version of frapuccino) are much expensive too. But surprisingly, there are a lot of people who come in the café and the queue is long. I like the ambience and interior design, with comfortable Korean music, computer area, friendly baristas and a wide range of menu. Truly, we can condition ourselves to grow to like something even at the expense of our pockets. In the book Predictably Irrational, the author said that the practical way of looking at a price increase is that the demand would decrease but it isn’t the case especially when we don’t know the history of the price of a certain product. We are reminded to pay attention on the decisions we make because they often affect our future decisions or view on things.

I remember the first time I stepped into a Starbucks Coffee shop. I wasn’t a coffee drinker then so I was not drawn to it even when my classmates asked if I wanted anything. I simply didn’t have anything in mind on what to order so I didn’t. I forgot was it that I started drinking Starbucks coffee, but from then on, it had been a relatively cheap coffeeshop compared to other shops that became popular as well. But I’m glad I didn’t get hooked to Starbucks. I just enjoy their Café Latte, banana loaf and Whole Wheat bread. Ambience is what Starbucks and other coffeeshops have created, as well as friendly baristas. Our aunts were wondering how the coffeeshops could survive when the people stay there for as long as they want, just order a cup of coffee or pastry and study for several hours. But the fact is, they are earning a lot. They attract a lot of customers even when the house is already full. Though, personally, I like hanging out in a not so crowded area where reading and writing could be much pleasurable. Of course, spending an afternoon of coffee with your family or friends is worth the while even if you’re just sharing one small table.

I have limited my coffee intake; not relying on it to stay awake. I’m quite successful at replacing tea with coffee. I would order a cup of good coffee occasionally and relinquish that fresh brew. But I must confess I had a cup of instant coffee again this morning. I had a nice waiting time with a pretty new atmosphere. Through research, I found out that Holly’s Coffee originated from Korea since 1998. But it’s quite fresh in our country. They have a really nice website:



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