It all started with a link that my cousin sent to me, the really cute photo of the dumplings, and finally we decided to try out Shi Lin at Podium. The appetizing photo was the first clue we picked out in finding this place to eat. We enjoyed the food there, despite the reviews that I read, the food there is pretty good. We were the first customer to arrive there. Also we got the chance to play about two rounds of CLUE then and a round of UPWORD later when we had desserts at Sebastian’s Ice Cream. People were not that many, which is definitely a “plus” for us.

This was the last dish we ate, which we realized was supposed to be consumed quickly because the noodles already became dry and sticky.

There’s another dish that I wasn’t able to capture, the Mushroom and Veggies dumpling.

It took us a lot of time to finish a game, the more players you have, the more it is difficult to solve the crime. But it was fun all the same. Sorry to my cousins because I was quite sleepy that day, that’s why I was not attentive enough.

Later, we bought two cupcakes, one for my dad and another for mom at the World Eats. It was a catchy design because they had angry birds, plants vs zombies and despicable me minions. We chose a Chanel designer bag for our mom since we couldn’t afford a real one. We don’t know if they are except we wanted to give them a unique souvenir. The red bird was no longer available then so we chose a pig with the crown instead for dad.

We placed the cupcakes in the refrigerator. When we took this out and let it stay for a while, we noticed that it is perspiring. I took picture of the pig and observed that there’s tear in the eye of the pig. I showed it to my dad and brother and they said that it really had that effect. 🙂

*Thanks to my sister and cousins, I really had a nice day 😀


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