I enjoyed eating the cherries. It somehow reminded me of the plum, or was it the fresh peaches? But I love the plums and the peaches too. Their texture is quite the same. Mom said that it is good for the heart and other health benefits, that my godmother said the same thing and even bought a whole case of it. I know it’s quite expensive, so I cherish the little cherries that I have the chance to eat.

When I was younger I only know cherries that are found in Red Ribbon’s Black Forest Cake and other cakes and desserts too; also those that are preserved in bottles. Later, I got the chance to eat fresh cherries. I suddenly remembered a short animation that my professor lent me to watch. It was a Japanese animation about preserving our environment. The main character there loved to eat cherries and I think he even ate the seeds. When we were little, we were reminded not to eat the seeds because we might grow fruits in our stomachs. And thus, we were very careful to take out the seeds in the fruits. Sometimes, it’s difficult because there are too many seeds like in the watermelon. You’d wish you were Lulu and that you can grab a vacuum cleaner to fish out the seeds easily. Back to the animation, day by day he notices something on his bald head, until a cherry blossom tree grew. I forgot the title and the whole story. But they showed that in the Cherry blossom park (which was on his head) were visited by a lot of people. And as the people frequent the place for their love of seeing the cherry blossom, the amount of garbage increased. The main character felt uneasy, as if his head became too much to bear. He fell down. I just forgot how it ended. But it gave us lessons about doing our responsibility for caring for Mother Nature. Do not throw away things in public places just because the space is not ours or because we expect someone else would clean it up for us. We enjoy the beauty of nature but we also have to help preserve it, cherish it, not only for our own benefit but for the future as well.


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