I have two hands, the left and the right…

We can’t understand why it is so difficult to wash hands after using the bathroom. Many times, we would go to the toilet and see many people coming out of the cubicle but doesn’t even attempt to wash their hands. The water is free and it’s for your own health and the welfare of the people you are with. Because of this indecent practice, I see to it that I bring a tissue with me to hold the doorknob with it. Not observing proper hygiene is one reason why germs and bacteria spread quickly. There are tons of things that we do with our hands. Imagine that after going to the bathroom and the person didn’t wash his/her hands then holds his face or touches another person. We shake hands with people we meet or give a high-five, we get back to work and type on the keyboard, or hold our temple when feeling exhausted, rub our eyes because it’s itchy, then stand up and grab a glass of water and eat some snack. If we didn’t wash our hands when we had the opportunity to, we would be catching germs and spreading them as well. My sister said that in their office the frequency of spraying Lysol is too much to bear. But the management said that it is necessary to kill bacteria because many people are getting sick. Why not encourage the employees of proper hygiene instead of loading chemicals into the air which is actually harmful to the health too?

One time, on a trip we went to the toilet and saw some people who were in the same plane we boarded to Singapore. And it turns out that we are riding the same plane back. After coming out from the cubicle, the daughter didn’t wash her hands. Then the mother came out and she didn’t either. In the boarding gate of the terminal, we saw them open up a pack of junkfood and started eating, popping the food into their mouths using their unwashed hands.

The dentist shared to my dad about how many times the professional chefs in Shangri-la hotel or other five-star hotels wash their hands. We thought he was going to say very rare but he said that they wash every 15 minutes. And washing hands should be the length of singing a happy birthday song twice.

We have thought about solutions to this problem (because it might be rude to directly ask the person to wash hands):

Some postings might help like at the back of the door there could be a reminder that says: did you wash your hands? Though some establishments do post something along the lines of: let’s be responsible workers and wash hands before returning to work… There are also some toilets with postings about the proper way of washing hands.

Another idea I shared with my sister is having a recorded reminder played in the toilet repeatedly so that people would be conscious of their actions.

Another one is playing the song “I have two hands the left and the right, hold them up high so clean and bright. Clap them softly, one, two, three. Clean little hands are good to see.” I remember that this song is usually taught to kids to encourage them to wash their hands often; to maintain cleanliness at all times.

One really drastic one is that an alarm will sound when the person who didn’t wash his hands attempts to leave the restroom. Or the doors won’t open if the person didn’t wash hands.

It’s easy to wash hands. The kids know the fun of doing it and adults are keen to remind them not to play with water. One just needs to make it a habit, if they don’t feel that it is necessary to do so.


2 thoughts on “I have two hands, the left and the right…

  1. I don’t know what’s so hard in washing hands! I can’t believe how some people can touch their LV and Gucci bags with their hands full of bacteria :))

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