The Artistry of Thanos Adamopoulos: an enchanting night

This was my first time to watch a live orchestra perform. After the show, the sounds still reverberate inside my mind. It’s an amazing experience to listen to the unity of the sounds and then hear the individual strings and other musical instruments. I particularly liked the Double Bass and my cousin did also. I don’t know much about the Maestro’s of today but I’m happy to be able to witness a wonderful performance. There were many young members of the orchestra. It’s admirable how their movements are synchronized and it really felt that you need enough strength and focus for the entire show. You’d see the movements of the hands of some audiences who let the music flow through them.

I’ve seen a few drama series about music like Nodame Cantabile and Beethoven’s Virus, where I saw how difficult it is to put up an orchestra, from agreeing on the time they need to practice, to following the lead of a quite hard-to-please conductor, to rising conflicts among the members. They were able to create harmony in music when their hearts were one and everyone worked toward the same goal, to produce good music. Franz Strezemann (played by Takenaka Naoto) was a famous Maestro in the series Nodame Cantabile who mentored Chiaki Shinichi there. His character is an interesting and lively one. He is also one of the favourites when people are trying to imitate a character in Nodame with his deliberate difference in accent that particularly stands-out in the show. He saw talent in the character of Nodame and he didn’t want to lose that even when she doesn’t have confidence in herself. There were also series that featured characters trying to build a name in the field of music or further their study and expertise in the instrument they are playing, exploring cities in Europe like France and Germany, and attract music lovers. I found out that in France they have this place called City of Music which can be found at La Villette Park where they hold concerts and shows. Being a musician is not an easy journey; it requires talent, hard work, training, opportunity and perseverance (as in any field that we choose).

Thanos Adamopoulos used an ancient violin to conduct and it was lovely with the refined notes that hit the air and lead the whole orchestra. His joy and passion for music is very much evident as he waves his hands in the air with vigour. At the end of the show, the conductor thanked the orchestra waving each one up and recognizing the people behind the instruments that make up the entire symphony.

The concert was held at The PhilAm Life Theatre on July 9, 2011 by the Manila Symphony Orchestra.


*Thanks to my cousin for the picture 🙂


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