The Graveyard Book

The common notion of the world is a scary place to live in, that we are too young to understand the world outside and that we wouldn’t fit in. In the Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, the dwellers of the graveyard serve as the protectors of Bod – Nobody Owens. He was not to leave the graveyard so that they could keep him safe. That could no longer be done once he’s outside for they could not leave the place with him. The boy was granted the Freedom of the Graveyard which enables him to stay in the graveyard and to see ghosts. The guardians of Bod are worried about the man Jack who is out to murder him, who is also responsible of killing the Nobody’s parents. Later after the enemy is resolved and when he had grown up towards the end of the book, he was losing the sight of ghosts and was granted to leave the graveyard. From then on, he would be discovering a new life.

I liked this book because it reminded me of the world of children, as if the outside forces couldn’t harm you as long as you hang on to your imagination and simple pleasures in life. But as you grow up, your mind is opened up to different problems and situations that you don’t usually think about when you were a child. But I’m also reminded of how sharp the minds of the kids are and they can grasp the gravity of a situation without you telling them in full detail. There are things that you don’t need to explain to them because they could feel. I know I have gone through the same thing. I could patch up the pieces and catch on to the problems of the adults. I could read the creases in their foreheads and read between the lines.

The smile of an innocent child is what everyone would crave to see. Their world is full of surprises and wonderful beginnings; their heart is so pure that you choose to hold on to it as long as you can. You wish they grow up quickly to experience more of the world, and then you wish them to go back to how they were as you miss their purity. Sometimes when you’re all grown up you lose the imaginative mind, smiling less often, and easily distracted by the worldly things. It doesn’t mean that we lose the capability to smile again when we grow up but that we could preserve it by remembering the good things and by simply curving our lips to form a smile. And we’d realize it’s so powerful that we are moved and feel that we are contained by happiness.


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