My niece asked me to help her cut-out some letters for their bulletin board. She said her dad was out of town then but he was the one who helped her with it the last time. I agreed but didn’t had confidence that I could make a good job out of it. So last Friday, I was busy cutting up letters…

At first, I looked up for samples of styrofoam cut-outs but that didn’t really help much because I couldn’t hold the actual model. Then I tried different font types on Word to see what sort of font should I make. Afterwards I decided to draw block letters on the styro, letters that look easier to cut-out using a cutter. I used a ruler for the rough measurements of the size of the letter. I hoped that it was not too big or too small, then I sliced down the styro through the guide lines that I made earlier.

After this, I proved that I can cut-out block letters out of a Styrofoam (I forgot when was the last time I made one of these; also that I can squat without feeling the pain in my knees or legs. I had a hard time with the “S”, “R” and the “O”. I offered this task to my sister but she declined too quickly because she said that she disliked the squeaking sound and I replied that there was no sound when I tried it. She still didn’t want to do it because she said she could already imagine it buy just hearing the words cutting the styro. I finally accomplished it but the edges of some of the letters is not that smooth but I guess it’s okay.

I remembered during Christmas season when we used to decorate our classrooms and I learned how to fold letters using art papers and cut them out. Then I would make our own version of Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year through the cut-out lettering. I would use a thread to sew them together and hang it in our living room.

Art is fun!


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