Tug of War

Sometimes you wander how things work, for even in the trying times, you see the pieces fall naturally in place, or is it just we try our best to make them fit? Being in the middle rarely gets you to be on either side. You get stuck in between, most of the time it’s okay, but there would be times that it would seem unbearable which you won’t really feel until someone or something points it out to you. There’s nothing bad being in the middle. Usually, you are the glue that holds the pieces together, the sticky part that sustains both sides. It’s just that at some point in time, you lose the stickiness; you stare point blank, unable to feel and notice how badly you wanted to be the glue again. As much as you wanted to find your own way, to release yourself from the tightness of the grip, you see that you can’t just break away for the pieces would fall off. People like to drag you to their side, if it were a tug of war, you are the rope each side is trying their best to pull hard. But it doesn’t matter which side you take because no one would force you to make a decision, it’s just that the weight is on your shoulders. They won’t hate you for what you choose but it certainly will make them happy if you stand on their side. Being in the middle trains you to balance the scale just so that everyone’s happy, though technically you can’t please everyone, at least it’s a win-win situation. You can situate the pieces so that they won’t collide. Sometimes your remarks even end up as a comic relief to the people around you, which naturally tones down the tension and everyone bursts into laughter. You control the mood and temperament effortlessly because they eventually get drawn to your innocent smile that sparks everything in a really good way. You can dilute the most humid atmosphere and make everyone comfortable and at ease.


I had the chance to play tug of war during high school. I had no choice but to join about two games during our sports fest (I think it was because I was a member of the Year organization then), one was tug of war and the other was agawan ng buko (where the players struggle to get the coconut in their possession). I think we won the tug of war then thanks to the teamwork of our group. You need a lot of strength and balance to withstand the pull from the other side, and you have to know when to loosen your hold to prevent yourselves from falling down or if the timing is right the other team would be defeated. I don’t know much strategies, but these are just what I learned from the game. The other game was fun as well. You have to protect the coconut once you got hold of it and whoever gets it wins.


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