Extra cautious

My legs have recovered though not yet fully back to normal, but I’m fine now. I just think that I don’t want to engage in any vigorous activities anymore. At least this time, that’s what I think. I know that I should be very careful with my legs. Our grandmother would remind us that we should not leave an injury untreated while we are still young. It is good to apply medicines and let them heal, of course, to be careful at all times (even though I already am, well it turns out not all the time). I know that healing is faster when your younger but it doesn’t mean you can eat anything or treat your body like you’re invincible. It’s important to watch what we eat and where we go. I have to be mindful of my footsteps and body movements to refrain from bumping into walls or other things. I love walking, this is one of the exercise that I enjoy doing and I’m glad I can walk normally now. I remember telling my sister that maybe we should make a list of the number of times we bump ourselves in a day, we should aim for lesser to zero strikes in a week, then in a day. That would be a challenge for us, but then she didn’t agree to it. We’ll just have to be extra cautious.


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