It’s been a long time since we had a movie marathon. As always is the case, we’ve missed out a lot on many titles, but we’re glad to catch up on some.

Last night we finished the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Yes, we haven’t watched it yet until yesterday. But it’s very timely that we did because the second part is coming out and we plan to watch it on Saturday in the theaters. I have read all the books in the series but I couldn’t remember all the details. It’s good to refresh my memory before the final movie.

On one Saturday we watched this line up of films:

I had fun watching Rio. I saw now why there were monkeys and why the birds are caged in the Angry Bird’s version of Rio. Blu couldn’t fly. And he was okay with that, until he met the other birds who could. He was still okay with the fact that he can’t then, until he needed to fly to escape those chasing them and help save his friend.

Toy Story 3 is a very touching story about growing up, staying together and letting go. It was difficult for Andy to part with his toy Woody so he planned to take him to college, as well as with his other toys, which he placed in a box to be kept in the attic. But later on he realized that he can donate the toys and when he saw the little girl in their neighbourhood, who is the same as him when he was little, both played and cared for their toys; he was sure he found the right kid to give those toys to. He was surprised to find Woody inside the box too, he was reluctant to give it to the little girl but still let go. Woody decided to stay with his friends. I liked all the three Toy Story movies.

Limitless and Unknown have both raised the question about identity. The character in Limitless had taken a drug that enabled full access of his brain that made him capable of doings things he wasn’t able to in the past. Later on they’d realize that those who took the drug should continue to do so or they’ll die.

The Adjustment Bureau, which I found out at the credits that is roughly based on Philip K. Dick’s The Adjustment Team, and later on searching the internet that it is a short story. I remember watching Minority Report (2002) and Paycheck (2003), both are based on Philip K. Dick’s short stories. The Adjustment Bureau is a good film that explores the subjects of free will, predestination and belief in an all-knowing God. David Norris’ life was already written for him, but because of his persistence in being with Elise, the Chairman revoked the plan and placed them together side by side.


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