The Condition: A Happy Heart

I learned that it is important to maintain a good condition of the heart (心境), because if your heart is happy, you’d feel lighter, at ease and at peace with the world. Condition could mean ‘state’ or ‘stipulation’. In this case, it means the state of your heart. I remember that before I was usually cheerful. But now, dark clouds easily loom over, so I have to ask the wind to chase them away. I want to bring my old self back. I can still easily laugh and smile at funny comments and stories, at times I couldn’t stop smiling and some would joke that I was laughing at them.

When we were younger, we would hear people say when we ask them something, “on one condition…” On this note, the condition is a kind of stipulation. At that situation, we become acquainted to do something in place of another or in order to gain something you have to do something first. I’d like to mix this to the one stated above, because when the dark forces are clinging too hard to you or you to those bad memories, then it would be a good thing to set our mind on things that are good. If ever someone requests us to do something and we have other things on our hands, or if we think that we might not be the right person for the job, we can give it a try first. If we train ourselves to accept challenges, then we could be better at handling stress, and it might even be managed. If we were asked for an advice, an opinion or comment about something, but it seems like what we said wasn’t even considered, be patient and just think that you’ve given your piece. So if we condition ourselves to not feel bad on a bad comment or if what we say is ignored, then we wouldn’t mind what other people say. Those words won’t hurt us or affect us in any way. It might need some practice to not let bad feelings weigh us down but we could give our hearts a good exercise. The condition to attain happiness is a happy heart. It might not sound right at first glance, but if you keep a cheerful heart, you’ll feel the little wonders in this life add up to happiness.

Let happy thoughts linger, smile often, and count our blessings…

Let love, peace, and goodwill dwell in our hearts and eventually we could influence and inspire others too…


2 thoughts on “The Condition: A Happy Heart

  1. “So if we condition ourselves to not feel bad on a bad comment or if what we say is ignored, then we wouldn’t mind what other people say.” This is extremely hard. As we often say, “tao lang tayo”, but then again nothing is impossible.

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