Musical Plays

I haven’t watched a lot of live plays. I’m happy for the chance to watch The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. I was able to recognize a few songs, but what I know then from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s compositions is The Phantom of the Opera, then I’ve read that Evita, Cats and Jesus Christ the Superstar are his works too. If my professors would watch this musical, I think they would be able to sing along on almost all of the songs. After watching it, I was impressed by the piano conductor, and was grateful to be able to watch a live orchestra along with the powerful voices of the singers. It’s also commendable how participants in the musical were the ones who move around the props and stage and there were just seven of them. My sister and I both enjoyed their rendition of Music of the Night. She is listening to it again now. I remember that after we watched Phantom of the Opera, we listened to the OST again and again. It’s enchanting, easily drawing you in to the music.


We were able to organize plays during college. One was a Radio play, where the actors are asked to read from a script, portray their role as if the audience is tuning into a radio. It is very important to have sound effects and musical background to reinforce the flow of the story. And good acting voice is very much applauded to show an effective piece. Another time was during high school wherein the play got a bit complicated when we reached the finals. The judges loved our piece during the elimination round but when we revised it for the stage, the play became a bit of a drag but fun all the same time. We had fun during the practice, the preparation and of course the presentation itself.


I’ve watched The Phantom Opera on DVD, as well as West Side Story, Miss Saigon, Evita, Les Miserables, Annie, High School Musical, Hairspray, Sweeney Todd, and some clips of Avenue Q in our Genders class. So yes, those were mainly on DVD. At school then, we were required to watch some PETA plays like The Romance of Magno Rubio (a really fun and good play), I still remember the chants they do saying, “Magno Rubio Filipino Boy, Magno Rubio, Fili-pinoy…” We also watched a play called Limbo, and a few times I was invited by my professor to watch their concert – a choir performance. It is nice to watch live performances, whether a concert or a play. I’d like to watch some time again.


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