Wimbledon at 125

The Wimbledon Finals had already concluded, congratulations to Novak Djokovic for winning the Men’s Finals. I wasn’t able to finish the match yesterday but I got the gist out of my sister. I watched until the part that Rafa got back on track. It was such a great Wimbledon 2011. And it’s really amazing how they played. I particularly liked Tsonga and Djokovic’ match, they seem to really like the grass. Both dove for the ball, not dismissing any chance to hit the ball back to their opponent. During the quarter finals, at first we thought that the game between Federer-Tsonga and Djokovic-Tomic was going to be a quick game, but the match took too long to finish. I wasn’t able to watch Nadal’s match anymore which follows Djokovic’ game at the No.1 Court. Federer was beaten by Tsonga. Murray was beaten by Nadal. There was a match that the Duke and Ducches of Cambridge watched and Murray won that time. He said that if he knew that the Royalty was really coming, he would’ve shaved his beard and made himself presentable.

I enjoyed the matches of Lisicki and Bartoli. I liked Lisicki’s smile that would definitely capture your attention, as well as her fighting spirit. She even played in the doubles but didn’t win the championship.  I admired Bartoli’s perseverance and how she played against Serena Williams. It’s just sad that Sharapova didn’t win the championship match.


It was surprising how much Tennis lovers are there including F1 racers, basketball players, golf players, celebrities like Anne Hathaway, JZ, Kate Middleton – the Duchess of Cambridge who watched with Prince William, at other games Pippa Middleton was also present. Björn Borg and other great tennis players watched the Finals. The President of Serbia watched the game too and was said to be very intense during the match and couldn’t help but cheer especially when Djokovic finally took the Wimbledon 2011 title. It was nice to see the support of the families of the tennis players, as well as Veejay’s fun comments that gave much color to the game.

We didn’t have the channel that aired the French Open, my sister watched in on online streaming.  This was one of the time that I was able to watch a lot of games of a Tennis Open, though not till the very end; I was really sleepy then.


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