Finally got home…

After hours of being stuck in traffic due to the flood and heavy rain, our car swimming in the middle of the night, made a stop to Aristocrat to have dinner because we were really starving and it was already nine in the evening, we finally made it home. It was flooded anywhere we passed and the news on the AM radio informed us of the different areas that are flooded as well.

We got stranded outside the World Trade Center where no one was moving forward or backing up. We got held up for more than an hour there. Everyone seem to be ready to wait it out until the flood subsided, probably have experienced the Ondoy flood. A radio commentator called in to say that he got out from ABS-CBN at 5pm and was still stuck at Christchurch at around 6pm; he said that he will just go back to the station for his show.

Cheers to those brave souls who charged through the deep waters. Later on, we did too, with the help of two people guiding our car; since our car was automatic, it couldn’t be switched off because the wheel won’t budge, so dad drove the car. It was like floating in the waters while the waves rushed in. It’s not the first time I experienced this. Good thing we reached Roxas Boulevard, which we realized was also flooded. We had to en route many times to avoid the floods which we still couldn’t escape.

Lessons learned:

Well, I’ve learned this before but I forgot to check the weather today: to watch international news regarding our weather conditions (CNN or Taiwan News are very much accurate). Dad was telling us about the press con held by PAG-ASA earlier on, that they said the Typhoon Falcon won’t cause rainfall in Metro Manila.

Prepare an emergency bag in the car containing food & beverages, extra clothes, flashlight, first aid kit, and whatever you might need.

If there’s a storm or the rain is pouring really hard, expect heavy traffic and flood. Just a few amount of rainfall could cause the roads to be flooded. So if you’re in an establishment where there is food and washroom, better wait it out instead of bracing through the odds of getting stranded in the middle of the road. If you already got out and caught by the storm, try looking for the nearest shed you can find to eat and rest till the water subsides.

It’s better to have a bigger car like an SUV or truck, it’s safer that way. I’m grateful that our sedan was able to survive the ordeal without affecting the engine or water seeping inside the vehicle. Hooray!

Hope everyone get home safe.


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