I finished another cross-stitch. We gave this to our dad as a Father’s Day present. There’s actually an English translation that should be underneath the illustration, but I asked the opinion of my sister and she said it’s better not to include it.

Contentment is one of the lessons that dad has taught us. Being satisfied with what we have and being thankful at the same time. He would repeatedly tell us that being content is one of the best thing in life that we can do. Indeed, contentment is happiness and it’s more than enough. (知足的快樂是很足夠的)

When we look back to our life, indeed we have so much to be grateful for; at times we just have to go back the last moment and realize that we are truly blessed. Simple living brings so much satisfaction, and if we are content, we’ll be happy.

Thanks Papa for everything! Happy Dad’s day to all the fathers!


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