Centennial Book Launch

I’m very happy to be able to participate in this book launch. It’s nice to be surrounded with writers and educators, looking at the collection and the hardwork of the editors, I’m inspired to write more. There are a lot of people I look up to who were there at the event, including my mentors.

According to our APO Director Isagani Cruz, this collection is a treat for our beloved University celebrating its one hundred years, as it is what we do with someone dear to us. He said that we not just send them e-cards, we write to them dedications from our hearts; we want to go meet and greet them to celebrate this special day.

Dadaanin is an anthology that comprises of one hundred entries of one hundred words by one hundred authors. I first wrote my entry on 2005, and many of us thought it wouldn’t be published, but now it’s out. Edited by Nonon V. Carandang and Alwin C. Aguirre.

A Treat of Short Stories edited by Gerardo Z. Torres is an anthology of flash fictions. I’m already excited to have a copy of this to read the interesting collection of stories.

Lasang Lasallian is collection about the different tastes and flavours of cuisines that Lasallians enjoy. It could be inside the campus or outside the University. Edited by Nonon V. Carandang and Rakki E. Sision-Buban

Kudos to the editors who put together the DLSU Centennial set and other books included in the Centennial launch, as well as to the staff of APO. I’m grateful for the encouragement of my professors and the support from my family.

I’m very thankful for the chance to publish three entries in three books. I know I don’t have to mind what others say like how come I didn’t publish a novel, or that in the whole book, I only have one entry. I will continue to write stories that hopefully could touch other people’s lives one way or another.

The launch was at Metropolitan Museum, BSP Building, Roxas Boulevard on June 17, 2011. I’m glad to be able to share this day with my sister’s friend who also published her work in the collection; also I met one of my classmates then who also contributed in the Dadaanin anthology. I bought copies of Lasang Lasallian by Central Books and I’m looking forward for copies of Dadaanin and A Treat of Short Stories. The DLSU Centennial Set is still available which comprise of 17 books.

Writing has been one of my passion and I feel blessed being led to it.

Live Jesus in our hearts, Forever.


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