The Celebration: 100 Years of La Sallian Presence

We were looking for food to eat for lunching when we arrived at the Central Plaza and reached the last five seconds countdown for the official start of the Centennial celebration. It was a great timing because we didn’t expect to be there during the countdown. My two professors were busy picking out bags at the bazaar at the SJ Walk. 5-4-3-2-1! And there was an applause and everyone cheered.

The campus is filled with people in green. The bazaar is ongoing where they offer various food treats, shirts and accessories. They have many centennial shirts displayed. One of my professor was wearing a white shirt this morning and she said that she bought a green shirt because most people are wearing green. True enough, all the employees and staff of the school were wearing green. There’s a Centennial Merchandise booth at the Central Plaza where people queued to buy Centennial souvenirs. Part of the proceeds will go to the One La Salle Scholarship Fund. It was also said that there’s no entrance fee for Non-Lasallians and that they are free to donate funds for the One La Salle at the dropboxes around campus.

The Relic of St. John Baptiste De La Salle, who is the patron saint of teachers, was loaned from for exhibition and public viewing. It was said to have arrived on June 15, it would be circulated around La Salle Schools until the 26th of June. I wasn’t able to see it, but my professors got to view it yesterday. I did saw it on news reports. Other schools also declared a half-day, because they will be visiting the campus to see the relic.

I left the campus at around 3:15 where they were already prepared for the Green Mile – the human chain along Taft Avenue to express the unity of the community. Students were gathered then near the gates led by the Animo Squad. It was said that 12nn onwards, the school will be open to public, no IDs needed. Before that, the alumni who have alumni cards or old IDs will be able to enter the campus from any gate, while those who don’t have could register to enter at the Central gate, the one between North and South.

A Eucharistic celebration was held in the morning at the Chapel of the Most Blessed Sacrament  to open the ceremonies, where it was followed by the arrival of guests such as President Noynoy, Mayor Lim, Brother Armin and other guests. There’s also an interactive exhibition in the Central Plaza about the history of La Salle. Krispe Kreme and Nestle booths, as well as SM Residences were present there. LSDC and the Animo Squad also performed at the Amphitheatre. The planting of the 1,ooo,000th tree named “Bituin Tree” at the Marian Quadrangle is also a meaningful event, and it’s an ongoing project. Isang Daan, Sangandaan Centennial Concert featuring La Sallian celebrities was held at Tereso Yuchengco Auditorium, simultaneously there was an acoustic concert entitled “Strings & Stanzas” held at the University Library Walk. A Street Party was held at Agno Walk, then there there was a concert and Pyromusical Show at 10pm@Amphitheatre.

Hail, hail, Alma Mater,

Hail to De La Salle!


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