Who won?

My dad and my sister suddenly started this game where they would pick a player or team and whoever loses will treat the other with a Starbucks drink (well my dad started it actually).

During the French Open, it was Sharapova or Li Na for the Women’s, then Federer or Nadal for Men’s Tennis. My Dad said that he bets for Li Na and my sister for Sharapova; Li Na won. My dad looted for Federer and he said that my sister would be for Nadal; Nadal won. 1-1. My sister even stayed up at night to watch the online streaming of the Men’s Finals, but not for the bet; she just really liked the sport.

For Friday’s game of NBA Finals, my sister chose Dallas, so dad’s team was Miami Heat. Dad don’t have a particular team unlike before when Michael Jordan was still playing. But he said he likes Lebron James among the players. I remembered this time to turn on the TV to watch the game on our local channel. It’s been a long time since I watched basketball. It’s really amazing how the court seems so small when the players are in it. They could stride with just a few steps and reach the other side so easily. I remember running from one end to the other end during our PE classes and it was not that easy. It was a big challenge and definitely needs a lot of training. They could make a pass and the one who caught the ball would already be at the other court, near shooting range.

The Mavericks won at their homecourt. Nowitzki had 29 points. Dad was saying how amazing Nowitzki played while he is still sick. That morning, he even came to training, and the trainer asked him to go home. Dad said Nowitzki was given chicken soup and tea.

There’s another game that would be aired on Monday and the bet is continued. Then Wimbledon 2011 is coming up on June 20 – July 2. We’ll be watching that too, though I doubt that I would stay up late to finish the game, but I think my sister will.


One thought on “Who won?

  1. French Open 2011, I voted for Nadal;
    NBA Finals, I routed for the Heat. This is actually the first NBA season that I followed. Usually, I will only watch during the third and fourth round of the play-offs. This year, I started watching ever since “The Decision” [google it] aired.
    I’m 1-1!

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