Arts and Crafts: Little Stars

My sister gave me these as an advance birthday present. I’m really thankful that she found these (at Heavenly Stitchin’ Moment). It’s a lot of fun making the little stars. When we saw what she bought, we said that aren’t these supposed to be done by the one giving the gift? My sister said that she knows I like doing arts and crafts, that’s why she bought me those because I’ll be happy making them. And that is true! I enjoy making them. There are instructions on how to make the star, but I learned to make the stars from my cousin, who used to make them and placed them on a candy jar. There was also an instruction on how to fold a heart using the same strip of paper which we tried out and failed to make one. I was able to complete a few sets of stars in just one night. In the end, she did help me out in folding the stars. The colorful strips of paper are very nice to look at, and we could fold with much ease, just the right thickness that doesn’t easily get teared out. I used to cut out strips from used paper to make the stars. Some from the handouts in school. My sister also bought some bottles where the little stars could be placed. She reminded me that I could finish everything except the one with the happy birthday on it, which I have to wait till it’s near. There are also small origami papers that I could fold.


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