Traffic Paralysis

One could really get restless when stuck in the traffic for long hours of time. My dad is asking why people are not complaining. Right after that, I saw photo-op of a traffic enforcer, the caption: helpless; then an article follows saying that the traffic enforcers are helpless in the congestion of traffic. Also, the writer pointed out that there is too much wasted because of the traffic. Dad said he also saw one commentary about that.

I decided to write about this topic too. It causes a lot of stress if I don’t, because I’m the one being vented on (maybe indirectly).

It’s a waste of: Time; gas; money; business and investment opportunities; if you’re working, you could’ve finished a large part of your list when you get to arrive early in the office. Sometimes you have to leave the house real early because you can’t expect the road to be free of traffic.

I’m not the one driving so I get to read in between when the car hits break, which is quite often considering the traffic conditions in our country.

Traffic enforcers that actually causes the traffic build-up: MMDA, Local city government traffic enforcers, PNP, Military. I know it’s not an easy job, but sometimes they cause more traffic than they could imagine. Also, when it comes to priority, they seem to give less priority to main roads and let the minor roads to pass longer. Then the VIPs seem to increase the traffic. They police force is alerted that they are going to pass through, even allowing them to counterflow.

Sometimes I view it as more effective if the one trafficking is a bystander who can’t stand the road blockage or tricycle drivers just standing by the area and saw the worsening traffic situation. The reason here is more often than not, the traffic enforcers in uniforms cause a lot more traffic.

Before you get to Mckinley Hill, there’s another battle-neck that you have to face, which is the presence of the military trafficking. We don’t know why but they let the ones coming and going to Bayani Road pass longer and when it’s our turn to pass, the other end of the yellow box is already full so they just let a few cars pass.

The installation of traffic lights at Lawton Avenue-Mckinley only caused more traffic. It should’ve helped direct the traffic flow of vehicles bound to different directions. When the cars are about to turn right to enter Mckinley Hill, the traffic light turns red and you won’t be able to pass as an obedient citizen. But if you take a look at it, they should be able to pass that time instead of waiting another round of 100 seconds since no other cars are passing that way. It could save a lot of time if the cars are allowed to move and turn right. It is a problem though if the car is heading straight so the cars who are turning right would be blocked. What they can do here is let the vehicles who are going straight to keep left and those who will be turning right should keep right. I do know the difficulty in this because what if most of the cars are heading straight?

My dad proposes a 60 second interval for each side, that way the traffic flow would be faster. The exchange would be more efficient, and the people could get to their destination faster. Or if they could delegate a traffic enforcer (even when it’s really difficult to trust them these days, because many are just hunting for violators), then maybe they could manage the traffic according to the volume of the vehicles passing from all sides. We still don’t have the smart traffic lights, so we don’t have a choice but to stop during red light even when there’s practically no one passing through. Or better yet, evaluate the functionality of the traffic light, and stop the suffering of the commuters.

So much time and money is wasted in the traffic. Imagine the scenario if there is less traffic build-up, then we could accomplish more in a day. We won’t be late for meetings where we have to seal a deal. We could save up on gas which the price constantly increases. It’s just the start of your day and it would be ruined by the worsening traffic conditions and during the end of the day when you get off from work, you will be stuck in the traffic blues before you manage to reach home. I remember one of my professors sharing how he spends his time in the car during traffic. He has a driver so he could sit back and relax at the back. But then it’s very time-consuming to just sit through the traffic and do nothing. He has his Smartphone with him, and he has a DVD in his car where he watches films, though he tells us that he is very careful not to watch too much action films which could distract the driver. Due to the traffic conditions in our country, it would be nice if you live near your workplace or your school to save time travelling. Even if you take the bus, the taxi or jeepney, you would also be stuck in the traffic. Taking the LRT or MRT requires you to take the jeepney to the station and there are risks of delays even in the mass transit. Chances are the train would suddenly stop in the middle of the railway, sometimes you’d have to wait and other times have to walk all the way down and transfer to another transport.

Traffic causes agitated drivers, also increases the risk of car accidents. Just this morning there were about two cars that bumped each other. Yesterday about two road blocks too. If they could find a solution to the traffic problem, then I think many citizens will be very thankful for that. If I were Dr. Reid of Criminal Minds or Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory, I think I  would’ve come up with an effective traffic scheme, a sketch or a plan that I can submit to them.


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