Arts and Crafts

I found some unfinished cross-stitch, and I was able to finish one. The others just lack a minute detail and it will be finished, like the polka-dots in a girls’ skirt, the gold thread outline of a border design. My sister passed on to me her Winnie-the-pooh cross-stitch, which she finished Pooh and half of Piglet without the outline. There were times before that I would bring one to school and stitch during breaks, pretty odd for my classmates, but I wanted to finish them to give it as a gift. I think I was able to accomplish two and gave it to my friend and another one to my uncle and aunt. I didn’t had them framed which was another option. Later on, they were put away in my drawers and I found them again now. I decided to finish the ones I have.

I enjoyed making origami from a book “The Joy of Origami” by Margaret Van Sicklen that we bought on sale before. I’m preparing some details for our scrapbook. Right now, I was able to search online how to make panda and elephant origami. It was really fun. I remember there was a time when we had a community service and our facilitator asked us to prepare some programs for the kids we are going to meet that day. I thought about playing games and making origami. I taught them some and they were really amazed at the output. But I noticed their attention span didn’t last that long. Later on, they would just watch me make one or ask me to make one for them. They didn’t follow through the steps in making the origami anymore.

I’m glad I was able to find origami papers that is not expensive. I used to make origami using art papers, then when I wanted a thicker paper, I used cartolinas and cut them into squares. I remember making lotus flower during mother’s day. I would give every mother one then. That was a longer step, because I had to cut one eight strip of papers (about 16 of those and fold each petals) then attach them together using a rubber band. AfterwardsI would have to pull out each petal. But in this book that I found, folding Lotus flower just requires one squared paper. I had fun making the origami.


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