Unblock Me

Playing computer games is not my forte, but when I saw my sister playing unblock me on my dad’s phone, I wanted to try it. I asked her if I would be able to solve the puzzle or would just end up frustrated for not finishing any level. She just smiled. It’s a good thing I was able to solve one puzzle. I stopped right there, satisfied. Well, actually there was an interruption and I said I would continue with the game. I forgot then and we had to leave soon.

Many people are hooked with playing games whether on their smartphones, iPod touch, on their laptops or PCS, different gaming console like PSP, Wii, DS, on Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad. We see people on the train, a gadget on hand, accessing the internet or playing games; as well as in the waiting areas, they no longer get bored because their hands are busy playing.

Almost always, the thought of not being good at games, I lose the confidence in trying them out. Still, that doesn’t stop me from trying. I played angry birds and while they are aiming for three stars, I was still trying to finish all the levels and not minding how many stars I get. Mostly, the three stars that I got were just mere coincidences which they said was not. I guess it’s not, since some levels I would play them several times till I got all the pigs.

One time, my dad was playing angry birds and he stopped to hand it over to my sister. He asked her to play the part he couldn’t finish. I think it was less than a minute when she said, “three stars”. My dad was stunned. He worked really hard to finish that level but couldn’t and it was just a little while that my sister got her hands on it and she hailed three stars. There were some levels I couldn’t finish no matter how many times I tried and I would hand it to the master of the games. I remember playing an RPG entitled Kingsley which was quite annoying for my brother when I pass it to him for the parts I couldn’t get pass through. Kingsley’s jumps are too low or a bit hard to control. I didn’t finish the game. As with other RPG, I only tried playing Star Ocean and Lunar. I remember playing the Star Ocean and having fun while playing it. Again, I end up not finishing it while my siblings did.

I watched my siblings play the Final Fantasy series, Musashi, Suikoden, etc. I would play Tetris, Super Mario, Circus, Puzzle Bubble, Mario Kart, Snow Brothers and the games in Family Computer/Good Boy then. I’m still not very good at playing games, especially fight games like Street Fighter or Ghostfighter (where I just happen to win a few rounds by random clicks and hits), but those games listed earlier were the ones I can manage to play.

I like the games Sokoban, though also frustrating when you can’t solve the level. Before Angry Birds, I used to play Brain Buzz, a mind game, and while my sister got the medals and the stars, I’m still struggling to gain both. At times, I would also play Text Twist, which is a fun game, practicing with words and solving puzzles.

Maybe my weakness in games has something to do with my pronunciation then of the word computer. My cousin told me that I would pronounce it as “puputer”, even when the people around me told me to follow them and say com-pu-ter, I would still say “pu-pu-ter”.

At times, I would need the help of others to unblock me from being tangled within the stage, sometimes I would get by fine. I think playing games is so much fun and is a good diversion from the noise around you or the stressful environment.


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