The pounding sounds rock my head. I revel on the moments when the construction has to take a break. My mind is telling me to get out though. Silence is music to my ears, when the constant hammering stops; I find a way to be refreshed. Sometimes I feel that they are tearing the whole place apart, seems like a big renovation is under its way. It’s hard to focus when the pounding doesn’t stop, it’s really getting on my nerves. I can’t really think straight anymore, the sounds just come back as if you’ve ridden a boat and the waves kept rocking back and forth. Once you get off, you’d feel as if you’re still on the boat.

I’ve read in a book before that once you are at peace with your self you wouldn’t notice the buzzing noise around you. I’ve managed to do this in coffee shops when I’ve participated in a simple psychology experiment before where they asked me to listen to two songs at the same time. After that they asked me what did I hear. If you concentrate really hard, you can sift through the sounds and just hear the those you want to hear (but if it’s really loud, I don’t know if my mind could remain peaceful).

Still, I hope the hammering noise would stop. I can’t write much today even my drafts. At some point, I played angry birds, that helped me focus on not hearing every beat of the pounding… Though, playing angry birds sometimes can be stressful too when I couldn’t finish a stage. I’m not very good with games, still playing proved to be helpful this time around.

Toktoktok…toktoktok… If these doesn’t stop, I might turn into an angry bird…


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