“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

If you lie, you’ll have to explain more
Once you lie, you’ll need another lie to cover it up
and maintain the story until you yourself believe it
or make others believe the details you’ve made up.
If you tell the truth, people will be more comfortable around you,
not having to wonder if what you’ve said was true.
If you tell a lie, make sure your facts are straight,
that there are no loopholes because people can tell,
not all are gullible to the tale you tell.
If you tell the truth, you’d earn the respect from people for being honest
and simply revealing who you are to them.


By telling a lie, one risk the valuable people and deeper relationships
you could have gained because of raising your defensive walls.
By telling the truth, one become easier to approach and to be with
thus establishing good rapport and positive communication.
By telling a lie, one bars understanding, and the barrier only intensifie
leaving one grumpy and secluded.
By telling the truth, one encourages sharing and mutual comprehension,
enabling bridges and connection.
By telling a lie, one deprives oneself from being known and understood
more importantly, from being true to oneself.
By telling the truth, one opens up avenues formerly hidden,
extending oneself to others which actually draw people in.













On a trip to Korea, we woke up and saw the outside covered with snow. We didn’t see the actual snow, we were asleep then. It was winter time, but the streets were clear the past days; somehow this looked like Winter Wonderland. It was quite dangerous to travel the streets, but the snow has stopped and defrosting was underway.


peaceful waters



Sometimes we could find a peaceful place, slow down our footsteps, enjoy the beautiful scene, and let our hearts wind down a bit.



hearing the echo