Looking glass

the marina bay sands

See the difference of the outside world by adding frames to your lenses, and using the glass to capture a different mood.

the station

The glass does provide a window to the outside world but also mirrors our own reflection, our inner self.

The Structures

Great architectures start from scratch, from building the foundations to the structures of the skeleton, the exterior and the interior. This is the construction of the Taipei Dome 臺北大巨蛋. I have never been to Taipei Arena 臺北巨蛋, but have heard of it several times as a concert ground of several renowned Taiwan singers and have seen this new construction. It is amazing to see the progress of building a dome. Big Taipei Dome


There are old structures that already stood for a long time. These were houses of the affluent which have really big interiors. Now, these house some stores that sell souvenirs and local food items.

Da Xi Lao Jie old houses at Da Xi

There are castles that we get to visit that is beautiful at every angle. Xinshe Castle is a famous venue for shooting advertisments/CM according to our tour guide. It is indeed refreshing to walk about this place. Though this place is not 100 years old, it is truly an inspiring European themed architecture tucked in the city of Taichung.

manor Xinshe CastleXinshe Castle grounds


Stanley, HK

It is good to take in a beautiful scenery, to appreciate the serenity and the view which is akin to a painting. I enjoy visiting places that have captivating scenes and interacts with the sky, the water, and the mountains.



Xinshe Castle is one really nice place to visit. It seems that every angle is good for photography. It is a very refreshing sight as it is a rare chance for us to be in European inspired location.


This was the view that caught our attention while on the road and our tour guide surprised as by stopping here. It turns out we would be eating at a restaurant overlooking this area. She said that she saw our faces when we passed through here and was really excited for the surprise she have for us. The water seem to be drying up, the restaurant has a photograph of how it looked like before. Nature provides a majestic experience for all of us, we just have to open our eyes and value its treasures.

Capturing the moment

What is challenging about catching moments is that if you missed it, it would be gone. There were a lot of moments that I wasn’t able to capture because I wasn’t ready or my camera wasn’t set properly. Catch it and it can be properly stored. the black swan Our tourist guide brought us to PingXi and here we got the chance to taste the recommended wrap of ice cream with shaved peanut brittle. It was really delicious that I hoped I bought more. The lady was really nice, she asked us if we can chew something quite hard, and she gave us peanut candies/brittle for free. She counted how many we were and gave each of one a piece of it. This huge chunk of peanut brittle that is being shaved by this man is a key ingredient to the ice cream wrap. hardworking couple Then there are those fleeting moments that pass us by and we don’t have time to take out our camera and snap it in frame. At times, It is nice to just enjoy the moment with our own lenses — our own eyes. There are moments that we can relive by remembering how that particular moment had transpired and we’ll catch ourselves smiling in content.

Standing in the Middle

Sheng Xing Station

Standing in the middle of the train tracks was an amazing experience. We saw the tunnel where the trains passes through.  This is one of the shooting places for the Taiwan movie “You Are the Apple of My Eyes” written by Giddens. This place has Japanese influence in its construction.  I picked out this photo above for the theme Pop-out Color of photo101. The color might not be a vibrant one but the color of bronze tracks highlights the long route that the trains passes through. IMG_2894

IMG_2910 IMG_2891  IMG_2909

This definitely is a good place to walk about. There’s no entrance fee and there are some stores outside that one can visit. I saw travelers like us, couples, families with little children, college students who sat on the middle of the tracks like us. The air here is refreshing and it was the perfect time of the day to swing by.

Into the Woods

                                                                     Discover the trails of this forest at Xitou, Taiwan

It seems that I can walk the whole day in the forest to explore nature at its best. I am grateful for the chance to breath fresh air, to discover unfamiliar paths and find a place to empty our thoughts and just wander around.

The Natural

20141112_104357I took this photo while walking around school campus and tried to find some angles I haven’t tried before here. It is nice to be in touch with nature as in the photo below. The caretaker was nice enough to let the butterfly rest on our fingertips. He said that with just a few hours it would be flying around and wouldn’t settle on your hand anymore. their life is short-lived but  spent it beautifully. they then produce a new offspring to continue the cycle.